The software development kit from Password Recovery Magic Studio gives you the tools and information that can realize your needs of office Password Recovery.
Office Password Recovery Magic SDK( Software Development Kit ) is a professional SDK tool offering substantial solutions to recovers all kinds of lost or forgotten passwords for the office application files:
  • Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Word.
  • Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Excel.
  • Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
  • Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Access.
  • Customers can purchase any Password Recovery Magic's existing components used by current version at a cooperation discount price.
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    Customization Service
    Our Customization Service aims to satisfy customers with simple, affordable and full functional tools. You only need to send us an email with a clear description of the software you want us to modify or develop and the requirements it will need to meet.
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    Office Password Recovery Magic
    Office Password Recovery Magic is password recovery software designed to help users recover the lost or forgotten password. Any office files' read-only passwords can be recovered here.
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